Costs and Sponsorship

The Mississippi American Legion Boys State program is a once in a lifetime opportunity and cost should never prevent a student from attending our program. There are many resources available in each community that can help you get to Boys State.


The cost of the Mississippi Boys State program is $275. This is well below the average cost of youth leadership programs across the state and country. The cost of the program pays for meals, housing, and programming during the week. Delegates also have the benefit of leaving the Boys State program with 1 hour of college credit from the University of Mississippi which would cost other students much more.


Please note: all delegates are sponsored to attend Boys State through the Mississippi Department of the American Legion and will be required to meet with their local legion post, whether they are funded through that post or not. That sponsorship doesn’t guarantee funding for the program. Below we’ve listed funding options for delegates.

Local American Legion Post: The first option for sponsorship is through your local American Legion Post. Often times, posts will help delegates get to the Boys State by paying the fee. You can find a list of Legion Posts on our application page.

Co-Sponsor: Legion posts will only be able to sponsor a certain amount of delegates. Often, students will choose to find sponsors in their community such as local businesses, churches, schools, or community groups. Email us at info@msboysstate.com if you’d like a sample sponsorship letter to send in your community.

Self Sponsored: This is an option available to some of our delegates. You can ask parents, family, or friends to help you get to Boys State.

Note: Every delegate must meet with local legion post before attending boys state. Find more info here.